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Is OxyShred still the best fat burner on the market?

YES, and here’s why: 

 OxyShred helps to eliminate stubborn belly fat

OxyShred helps you to limit calorie absorption into your body – you will feel lighter in just a few days!

Includes Immunity Support through Vitamin C and L-Glutamine

Zero Carbohydrates / Zero Sugars / Zero Fat and Zero Sodium

 OxyShred provides you with energy to kill your workout!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in OxyShred? OxyShred by EHPlabs has key hyper-lipolysis matrix which in laymans terms, means a combination of ingredients that are optimum in encouraging fat burning. To read the full ingredients list and what they are used for, click here. 

How do I use OxyShred? OxyShred can be taken many different ways but the most common way of taking OxyShred is to take one scoop of OxyShred in the morning before you have breakfast. You can then have a second scoop in the afternoon. Find out more here.

 How to use OxyShred for the first time? If you have never used a fat burner before, it is best to be a bit careful when using OxyShred and follow these instructions for using OxyShred for the first time.

Why do I need to take OxyShred before breakfast? The directions to use OxyShred advises users to take OxyShred before breakfast. Find out the reason why here. 

 Do I need to take a break from using OxyShred? If you have used a whole tub of OxyShred and finished the container without taking a break, you need to take a break from using OxyShred. Find out more here.

How much caffeine is in OxyShred? Caffeine is used in OxyShred to help give you energy and boost your mood. The amount of caffeine in OxyShred is equivalent to one cup of black coffee. Find out how many milligrams here. 

What is the difference between OxyShred’s that say ultra concentration, ultra formulation and ultra thermogenic? Nothing. EHPlabs had to re-label OxyShred three times due to FDA laws and labelling. The formulation still remains the same.

Which flavour of OxyShred tastes the best? This is up to personal preference but I have tried all the flavours and my top two flavours are Passionfruit and Kiwi Strawberry. You can find out my review on all the OxyShred flavours here.

 Full list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

What is OxyShred ?

OxyShred by EHPlabs is an amazing fat burner supplement which helps aid in faster fat loss. OxyShred is a thermogenic fat burner meaning it warms up your body to help break down fat cells known as hyper-lipolysis.

OxyShred has added vitamin C to help boost the immune system, acetyl l-carnitine to help aid in fat loss, l-glutamine to help with muscle recovery and caffeine for energy and to boost your mood.

OxyShred has been found to help reduce stubborn belly fat and used by millions worldwide!

For a full list of ingredients in OxyShred, please check out What’s in OxyShred?

Have a question about OxyShred? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions

Need help losing weight? Get the OxyGuide

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OxyShred Review

Watch Angeli’s 12 Day Review of OxyShred here:

OxyShred Customer Reviews

Read what our customers from Help For Fitness are saying about OxyShred

Hey Angeli,
Just want to email to let you know that I’ve lost 10 kgs on OxyShred. I am soooo excited! I purchased your OxyGuide which helped me to change my eating habits and lose weight. I didn’t know it could be so easy. OxyShred really helped with speeding up the fat loss. Thanks for all your support.

Michelle from Brisbane, QLD

Hey, thanks for your email Angeli. Yes i have received my OxyShred thanks for that, the taste is amazing got the Kiwi Strawberry flavour :) First day i tried it i felt absolutely energise which made me work harder during my workout, i also felt less hungry during the day so yeah so far so good. Really happy with the product at the moment. Currently on day 4. Will keep you up to date after my 30days. Thanks,

Mark from Boronia, VIC

Hi Angeli,

Yes I have received my OxyShred! Started it on Saturday, love the flavour! I have weighed myself and taken measurements so will see how I go on it. So far so good, I’ve read really good reviews on it. I will definitely be ordering from you again, Thank you for the great customer service!

Stephanie from Glenroy, VIC

Hi Ange, I feel like i’ve lost some cms around my waist which is so good because it takes me ages to lose fat on my stomach. I think OxyShred has really helped with that. Oh and I just purchased your OxyGuide and love everything that you teach in it. I always thought dieting was so hard but with OxyGuide I don’t need to be on a diet anymore. I am slowly changing my eating habits and finding that this is much easier than being on a stupid diet! Thanks so much and can’t wait to see more results!

Shafia from Brisbane, QLD

G’day Ange,

Yep got my OxyShred and i started it this morning. Its pretty good, i take it along with BUZZ by EHPlabs pre-workout and find that both together gives me a massive buzz and a good session at the gym. I take OxyShred in the morning and then buzz just before my workout. BTW i got the new OxyShred in Passionfruit and i like the flavour. Glad that EHPlabs came out with new flavours.

Greg.P from Pakenham, VIC

Hey Angeli,

Thanks for your email, I received my OxyShred really quick so thanks for the fast shipping. I got the new mango flavour and i must say, it is pretty good. It is not as sweet as the other flavours. I don’t feel a rush of energy when I drink OxyShred but I feel really energised and I find that I can workout harder and for longer which is good. I also find that i sweat heaps too. Will give you another update in a few weeks. Cheers.

Linda. L from Campbellwon, NSW

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